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Engage donors!

Read One, Give One Fundraiser program includes

  • Social media campaign detailing program for Children’s Hospital donor base
  • Surf’s Up, Gizmo! book mailed to the purchaser
  • Special edition book donated to a child at the hospital
  • Gizmo pendants
  • Portion of proceeds to Children’s Hospital foundation

Our commitment

We make it easy for your hospital to get involved. We work with your staff and manage the details.

“It was very easy on our end to help promote the campaign since your team put everything together! This was a critical part in allowing us to promote the campaign. We are all looking forward to continuing our partnership and seeing what other adventures Gizmo will take us on!”

   —Jackie Johnstone, Director of the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Foundation in Hollywood, Florida.


Dulce (1)

Dulce DaCosta


Dulce DaCosta is a graduate of Columbia University in New York as Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has completed post graduate training in “Brief Strategic Family Therapy” at the University of Miami, Center for Family Studies. She is also a “Triple P,” Positive Parenting Program, certified practitioner who helps parents develop positive practices to build healthier relationships with their children.


Jim Hunt


Surf’s Up, Gizmo! is illustrated by Jim Hunt, a professional illustrator for more than 30 years. His clients include Google, FOX Sports, Hershey’s, NASCAR, Major League Baseball, and many more.

Suzanne & Gizmo 12-15-2016-JACKET

Suzanne Kline


Suzanne Kline, the author of Surf’s Up, Gizmo! is passionate about helping kids cope with their challenges—including issues at school, home, hospital stays and in navigating everyday relationships. Kline draws upon her personal experiences to share life lessons and mindfulness approach to surviving everyday challenges through fun stories about her furry friend, Gizmo. Her books promote positive life messages to children.

Meet the Team

DonnaPhoto (1)

Donna Caloia

Director of Healthcare Relationships

As a pediatric patient for many years in New York City, Donna was often asked to talk to the other children in the pediatric wing to provide comfort to them when they were scared. It was because of that experience that the 2 Paws Up Studios Hospital Program became a calling for her life. She is a business graduate of Manhattan College in New York. In her free time, Donna is involved in the Therapeutic Horse Riding program for special needs children and various other children’s programs.


Kathy Mather

Director of Healthcare Relationships

Kathy Mather is a graduate of Palm Beach Atlantic University earning a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management. Her volunteer work at Jupiter Medical Center fostered a passion for helping people and making a difference in their lives while making a meaningful contribution to the hospital and the community.

NisaMPortrait (1)

Nisa Martinez

Graphic Artist

Nisa Martinez graduated with a B.S. in Graphic Design at Lynn University, and an M.S. in Interactive Entertainment at UCF at the age of 22. She mainly focuses in graphic design and illustration as her passions. Followed by a deep interest in compelling storytelling. Her hobbies include drawing, making stories, and video games. At home with her family, she has two long-haired dachshunds by the name of Russel and Bindi who always manage to brighten her day with their silly antics.


Leah Good

Project Manager

Leah Good helps hospitals meet their fundraising goals with Read One, Give One projects. Her background includes statewide nonprofit management, public-private fundraising partnerships, and educational publishing in addition to teaching writing in Ohio. As a successful grant writer, she brought substantial funding to arts programming in central Ohio for at-risk and incarcerated youth. She earned her M.A. in English and her Ph.D. in American Culture Studies.

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